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At last - the new Easy Cook Book 5 Lifestyle

The new resource was developed with our DVD “Let’s Grow Vegetables” (the video at right shows an edited excerpt of the DVD) , & has 28 brand new recipes (click here for more info). This Lifestyle resource inspires healthy eating, exercise & the benefits of growing your own vegetables.

Originally designed for people with disabilities, learning difficulties or low literacy skills, however, the Easy Cookbooks are a valuable aid to any kitchen.
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Increase Independent Living Skills

The Easy Cook Book Series and "One Step-at-a-Time" publications are produced in simple, clear and concise language. Ideal for learning and teaching in independent living skills programs, educational settings, community language courses, occupational therapy, rehabilitation programs, children learning to cook in the home or at school and for general use.

  • Simple in 6 easy steps
  • Wash cucumber, tomato and capsicum
  • Cut cucumber, tomato into chunks add to bowl
  • Peel, slice onion, de-seed and slice capsicum. Add to bowl
  • Chop fetta, add olives and fetta to bowl
  • Place oregano, vinegar and olive oil in jar, close lid, shake well
  • Add to salad, mix well